Are you in a hurry to get back to an alienated, unhappy, driven existence

Are you in a hurry to get back to an alienated, unhappy, driven existence dominated by the wish to gain more money, more things, and more power over your material world?

Then click off now.

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In Eden, the cafe at the end of the World

Last night I dreamed I was dancing with old friends, colleagues and students. One used to head the bereavement service at Sobell, while Mary was my co-director, and is now long dead. Visitors from beyond the grave often come to people who are dying, as this video shows.

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Dignity in Dying

I am reading a very touching novel called "Chocolat" at the moment. If you did not read the book you may have come across the film.  with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.

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Meetings with remarkable people; Number One - Naomi Allen

Professor Naomi Allen is Chief Scientist in the UK Biobank. It is her work that has created the open access which makes this biobank more full of potential than all the others. 

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Death: Last stage of personal growth or a dead end?

Deeper Mindfulness is working with a new national Initiative to persuade people to start talking about death. It is called The Departure Lounge.

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The Departure Lounge

Has your gate been called yet?

During October, at The Eden Cafe in Witney, there will be a number of opportunities to sit down with a cuppa and chat about death, dying and bereavement.

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Introducing deeper mindfulness

"With great respect and love I welcome you with all my heart to deeper mindfulness, a more fulfilling way to live your life."

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