An Introduction to Deeper Mindfulness

Deeper  comprises a set of courses, workshops and events which are subject to steady change and revision in the light of feedback from students and other sources.

The core component is the Deeper Mindfulness course itself. Anyone who completes the deeper mindfulness course is entitled to join all other courses, workshops and events on the site at a discounted rate and can access all updates and additions to the course material upon request.

The course is not organised as a linear progression. There is a tutorial for every student on completion of lesson one and an assessment is made as to which step is the best next step for the student. Each student should keep a journal as part of a self monitoring process through the course.


Students awarded bursaries will be required to submit their journals for assessment and feedback after each lesson. Continued participation on the course will depend on satisfactory performance in their learning assessments. All students may submit their reflections on the course as they learn.


Latest Events & Workshops

Latest Events & Workshops

Glastonbury Positive Living Group

The Breath of Life:
An Introduction to Deeper Mindfulness

Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury.

Doors open from 7pm for start at 7.30pm.
Wednesday 11th December
£6 (£5) on the door incl. light refreshments.


Nick Owen / Deeper Mindfulness
Unit 35158
PO Box 6945

T: 07962532478